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They are the perfect solution for cooking out over an open flame or cooking on top of your stove. Its unique size and style are what makes this such a versatile appliance. 

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Back when most people cooked over an open flame or wood stove, before the days of electric appliances, a cast iron waffle maker sets the standard.
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You can often find them today in the same traditional circular shape as was used in days gone by. The ones you can find today, be they new or vintage, usually consist of two iron plates connected by a metal hinge. They are usually very easy to clean since it is safe to submerge them in water.

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Some people choose the traditional models so that they can avoid using the non-stick coating that covers most waffle makers these days. While they do not want their waffles to stick, they are skeptical about the safety of the chemicals used to make non stick coating. They can be used on woodstoves, open fires while on the trail, or on top of your regular stove. If yours is well seasoned, you can have beautiful waffles that do not stick.

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Most these days come in the traditional round shape that they were originally produced in. The hinge which connects the two cast iron plates makes your batter secure while cooking and helps ease clean up. To use your iron waffle maker all you need to do is pour in some batter, close the lid cook on the first side and then flip and cook on the other. 

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