Stovetop Cast Iron Waffle Maker for Camping | Reviews

Waffles, a one-step solution to strike all the craving of eating something yummy and delicious. Waffles have gradually taken its place and have been experimenting with many because of its simplicity.

Are you just crazy about waffles and if given the chance to eat them whenever and everywhere, you will happily accept the opportunity? If Yes, then you are a Wafflehead.

There are many who like to eat waffles all time and just crave for them without even look the geography. To cite such moments, imagine a waffle-head on mountains trekking or camping, and suddenly there comes an urge of waffles.

Boom! you are craving for waffles in the middle of nowhere. What will you do? The answer to this simple, carry an outdoor Waffle maker.

These Stovetop waffle maker for camping are a great option to tackle the sudden craving of waffles and provide you a great waffles. Cast iron campfire waffle makers are one of the most effective and easiest outdoor waffle maker, with the help of Cast iron campfire waffle maker you can just put it on the fire itself.

Top-rated stovetop cast iron waffle maker for camping:

In this article, we will discuss about some of the stovetop campfire waffle makers. 

Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron for camping

Dinner has been served, the moon has started to shine to its full glory in the silence. The whole squad has been sitting on the perfect log around the campfire while sharing their stories. The only thing left is to find the perfect temperature, not too chilling or too hot from the fire.

The only thing left after the exquisite dinner is dessert. To satisfy that need, Rome old fashioned cast iron waffle maker comes in the picture with its traditional round shape.

The two sides of the waffle maker are connected just like the old school hinge system for more secure usage. Due to this design, cleanup becomes quite easy. This particular design works better on the 2-burner camp stove or on a gas stove as well.

The dimension of the product is 10 x 6.8 x 1 inches.

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The Keyboard Waffle Iron for Camping:

The keyboard waffle iron is keyboard designed waffle maker. It creates one of the most delicious Belgian style waffles in a unique way, apparently, it makes waffles in a keyboard structure.

In this waffle maker, a curved handle is made for easy flipping experience and a sleek and simple design for the comfortable waffle making. Simply add heat, followed by a batter, and to finish things up add your favorite toppings.

The construction of the waffle maker is die-cast, non-stick aluminum design which ensures a heavy-duty structure, bakelite, and heat resistant handle for better flipping as well as slim and wireless design making it a portable waffle maker.

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Nordic Ware Sweetheart Waffler for Camping:

Nordic ware sweetheart waffle maker makes a beautiful heart-shaped waffles. This waffle maker is a must-have for the ones who are deeply in love and like to show their love by making a special morning meal.

Apart from this, this Belgian maker makes waffles with extra-deep pockets, to be precise it makes five 3.5 inch cavities in order to capture butter, fruits, syrups, whipped cream, and many more much efficiently.

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Coleman Outdoor Waffle Iron:

This Coleman 2000016540 waffle iron is a camping cooking cookware. The product is made with the highest quality material available.

Coleman waffle iron has become a great addition to your breakfast cooking tool. Impress your friend on the next camping trip with this waffle maker as such it makes delicious treats without even making a mess.

It possesses a nonstick, cast aluminum base, and a safety handle for proper usage.

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GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Waffle Iron for Camping:

If you want to impress your campmates and want to enjoy the outdoor exploration a much less hassle.

The waffle maker is made with the lightweight aluminum double layer of nonstick coating in order to release and clean up easily. Locking and heat resistant handles are some of the key features of this product, as such it east and safe to flip as well as great for packing and storage. 

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On the internet, there are many many Cast Iron Waffle Maker for Camping reviews, but that doesn’t make the selection easier. Thus, we have tried to provide you with the list of best waffle makers out there.

Now don’t waste a single second, go out there but one of these,  plan a camping or trekking trip and make memorable moments for life.

[Review] Texsport Outdoor Cast iron Waffle Maker | 2020

Ever dreamt of having the perfect camping experience? Life can only be complete by having some great adventures and fun outdoor. Be it with family or friends; camping is always fun. Time together with our loved ones is a fantastic memory to look back at however old we may grow. On that note, what’s a camping experience without a campfire? And what is a campfire without you getting to cook some amazing waffles and devour it with your family or friends while laughing at each other on how they eat their waffles? Not just while camping, but at any time when you crave waffles, wouldn’t it be great if you get to make your waffles by setting up a great campfire outside your house and making waffles? Sounds very traditional and worth investing your time into, right? You are at the right place to know about the right product that would get this done for you. I would be giving you the Texsport outdoor cast iron waffle iron maker review from my experience on using it.

About Texsport:

Texsport started the journey of providing the best authentic adventure gears for the customers across the world, in the year 1962. Well known in the market, for providing all the essentials and required items for an excellent outdoor experience, some of the products supplied by this company are – tents, camping tools, air beds, beach/picnic accessories, utility gear bag, cookware and grill equipment and many more. Outdoor recreation is no more a worry with the variety of products provided by Texsport. With that being said, giving you the best Texsport cast iron waffle maker reviews, here are some of the features, pros, and cons about this product. 

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Texsport Cast Iron Waffle Maker Features:

Firstly, some of the features of this brilliant cast iron waffle iron by Texsport, that attracted me in buying the product are here as follows.

Made of cast iron:

As the name of the product suggests, this waffle maker is not just the latest model that you may expect with all the in-built features and technology that gives you the most perfectly shaped and perfectly cooked waffles but more. Designed in a unique way, this appliance for making waffles is made of cast iron. This means that the cooking we would be doing with this waffle maker would be more traditional by keeping the appliance over the fire. I found it quite interesting, as it breaks the stereotype of having to stand in the kitchen and make waffles in the heat. With this cast iron waffle maker, I experienced the making of waffles to be a more family activity where everyone could be involved in the cooking process. 

Most suitable for outdoors:

As mentioned earlier, this waffle maker is most suitable to be kept upon burning fire and waffles, be made more traditionally. Now, this does not mean that this is suitable for being held on stovetop or burners. It is a product based on outdoor cooking, where you would be required to set up a campfire for making the waffles. It felt quite good when I made waffles, for the first time, outside my kitchen with my family. One worst thing, I could not find myself handling is the mess in my kitchen after cooking something for the family. With this cast iron waffle iron maker, I did not worry about that, and the entire family had a good outside under the stars having some amazing waffles.

Grids that are round shaped:

This cast iron waffle maker is made of deep squares that form a circular shape. This means that, with this waffle maker, you get to make round shaped waffles. Yes, I got to make some best traditional waffles, in the most traditional way possible. The grids have squares that are quite deep, and you get to make some fluffy and crispy waffles that are almost ¾ inch thick. 

Non-stick easy maintenance:

The maintenance is very easy and simple as this cast iron waffle iron maker is non-stick. This makes the user more comfortable in using the product as cleaning gets very much easy and durable. The waffles do not stick to the cast iron surface, and you wouldn’t be spending time and energy scrubbing off the extra waffle leftovers stuck to the cast iron. Both the sides of this waffle maker are attached by metal hinges that could be very easily detached. This makes cleaning as well as heating and seasoning of the cast iron waffle iron maker even more simple for the user.

Wooden handle:

One of the best features of this product would be that, although the entire appliance is made of cast iron, you would be surprised to find that the handle to hold the cast iron waffle maker while cooking, is made of wood. This means that you get to hold it more comfortably while cooking without having to fear about getting your hand burnt. The heat does not spread over the wood, and this made my cooking experience much more safe and secure. I need not worry about letting my family members in holding the cast iron waffle maker, as it would cause no harm to them.

Size and weight are the best:

Another important feature that attracted me to buy this product is the size of the waffle maker. It is almost 17 inches big, giving the perfectly shaped, round, big sized waffles. It is also notable that this most sought kitchen appliance weighs around 10 lbs (4 Kg), which makes it very easy to carry around to places that we travel for picnic or camping or any outing. With the size of the cast iron waffle maker being vast, the heating of the cast iron is spread evenly, thereby heating and cooking the batter evenly. You would not have to worry about one part of the waffle being cooked perfectly, and the other part is less cooked with this waffle maker.

So, in this Texsport outdoor cast iron waffle iron maker review, these are some of the most amazing features that make this product worth buying.

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Texsport Waffle Iron Pros:

Giving a competitive advantage over other products in the market, some of the best pros of this product based on the Texsport iron waffle maker customer reviews, are as follows – 

  • This product is best known it the market for its size. With the dimensions of 16.75” in length, 10.5” in breadth, and 2.5” in height, you get to make some amazing crispy waffles with this product.
  • With the cast iron waffle maker being of considerably large space, you would not have to worry about the batter spilling out into the fire, ruining your cooking experience. 
  • Most suitable for outdoor, you need not worry about satisfying the food concerns of your family during any outdoor activity. It is great to bond together with the family overcooking, which is possible with this cast iron waffle maker.
  • One another amazing advantage with this product that flipping gets easy, and the waffle you cook in this waffle maker stays heated and warm inside the appliance. The cast iron stays heated for a long time keeping your waffle warm and heated without losing its consistency and crispiness.
  • You get to make four semi-circular sized waffles with this brilliant cast iron waffle iron by Texsport, at the same time. Very quick and taking just a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes, this cast iron waffle maker helps you speed up the process of cooking.

Texsport Outdoor Cast iron Waffle Cons

Some of the common disadvantages of this product based on the Texsport iron waffle maker customer reviews are – 

  • The handle of this waffle maker has been reported to come loose within the first few times of cooking. This has been the major complaint of this product as reported by many customers.
  • Another common complaint by users is that the hinge that connects both the parts of the waffle maker is at its worst and does not fit properly. From my experience, I found that the major problem with the product lies with the hinge, where it looked like bad casting had been done, and the parts of the waffle maker do not stay together while cooking, thus affecting the cooking a lot.
  • Flipping the waffles is also another major concern with the users. They would have to manually flip it from the base, and it does not rotate easily, which should have been easy.
  • As compared to the positive reviews and ratings, this product receives more negative ratings from the users in Amazon.

So, in this Texsport cast iron waffle maker reviews, this is all about the features, pros, and cons that may help you in making a decision on whether to buy the product or not. Although the waffle maker has a lot of cons that may impact your decision, I would personally recommend this product if what you are looking for, is to have a perfect outdoor experience with your family where you would be able to involve everyone in the traditional cooking style.

[Review] NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminium Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron

Does the sudden cravings for having a sweet dessert-like, and some crisp and soft Belgian waffle hit you hard? Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be much better if we were the owners of a waffle outlet just so that we could have waffles at any time? Relatable? I have wondered about this a lot, and every time I swallow down a waffle, it always feels comforting. But, obviously, I couldn’t have it all the time, and I would not be able to get one every time I feel like having a Belgian waffle. But, buying a waffle iron solves the problem. Belgian waffles anytime, anywhere, as and when I want. Here is my take on the fantastic NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminium Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron review, which is considered one of the best waffle iron products in the market.

About NordicWare:

NordicWare is a kitchenware company that was started in the year 1946 in Minneapolis by a couple after the second world war. With over 70 years of field presence in providing the best kitchenware ethnic utility products not just in Minneapolis, but supplying all over the world, the business has been running in the family for three generations. It has millions of fans worldwide for its varied products that are primarily considered for the best quality at affordable rates.

On that note, let us look at some of the best NordicWare 15040 features, for which, this waffle maker is most demanded in the market.

NordicWare 15040 Features:

NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron

It is hard to choose a product without getting to know what the product is worth and what is unique about it. For products like NordicWare 15040 Stovetop Belgian waffle maker, it could be quite interesting and curious to know about the specialties about the product. So here are the features –

1. Four waffles at once:

With this NordicWare original stovetop waffle maker, you get to make not one, but four waffles at the same time. There are four grids for holding the batter, and the waffle maker has an overall size of 7.5 inches by length and 7.5 inches in breadth. That’s right; you get to have square sized waffles with this waffle maker. I got to make many crispy and soft waffles for my family very quickly and in a short time, since this feature of making four waffles simultaneously makes the job easier and much fast. I would surely recommend this product if you are often faced with family gatherings and meetings who look ahead to having a delightful time, and yet you have no idea what you could use to make the gathering more special. Well, now you do.

2. Gets to heat quickly with no electricity required:

This waffle iron is made of aluminum, which means that it takes very little time to heat. Although not like other cast iron waffle makers, which stays heated for a longer time, I found that this NordicWare cast aluminum waffle maker stays warm only for a short period of time. This waffle iron does not require any electricity for heating up as it is much suitable for the stovetop. Just like any other waffle iron, this waffle maker is also required to be preheated before you actually start making waffles. On keeping it above the stovetop, I had to heat it on one side for a few minutes and then flip to over to heat on the other side as well. Once this is done, you could start pouring in the batter.

3. Sticking of waffles inside the maker is not going to happen:

Rest assured that this waffle maker comes with a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating that prevents the crisp and perfect waffles from sticking on to the surface of the deep squares. It made it quite easy for me to make waffles with this feature because I have heard a lot of people throw away waffle makers just because waffles stuck to the surfaces. This made me think twice before buying this product, but yet, once I started making waffles, it was very comfortable as it does not stick to the surface and comes out easily.

4. Cooking is very simple and quick:

As compared to other waffle makers that may take considerable time in cooking, the NordicWare original stovetop waffle maker takes a maximum of only 5 minutes to make delicious waffles. Firstly, you will have to put the waffle iron on the stovetop and preheat both the sides of the iron for 2 minutes. After the iron is heated, you can spray the vegetable oil over the waffler and then, pour the batter into the waffler and shut the lid. Wait for about 30 seconds, and open the lid to flip over the waffle maker and wait for another minute to cook. Bam!! Your waffle is done. After this, you can take your time comfortably to add flavors and toppings of your choice. Sounds like something you immediately want to have, right?

5. Convenient cleaning:

As said earlier, sticking of waffle to the iron is not going to happen, and, on that note, cleaning becomes much an effortless task with this waffle maker. It is most advised by experts that you clean the waffler with soapy and warm water before and after use with most care. The interlock that holds both the sides of the waffler together is easily detachable, thus, making it an even easier task to clean the waffle iron. It is also recommended that you do not use any metal utensils, caustic cleaners, and pads that may damage the waffle maker while cleaning.

6. A handle that keeps cool:

With the waffle maker being made of waffle iron and aluminum, the handle to hold the appliance is made of plastic. This prevents the heat from catching up on the handle, thus, giving full control of the waffle maker to you while cooking. This helps your hand from burning over the heat. But also, there have been a lot of reviews that they handle it too small, and thus, you would require mittens while cooking by holding the handle.

NordicWare 15040 Stovetop Belgian Waffle Maker : Pros and Cons

Therefore, these are some of the NordicWare 15040 features that serve as the best reasons to buy the product. Let’s move on and look at some of the pros and cons of the NordicWare 15040 Stovetop Belgian waffle maker


As a part of these NordicWare 15040 Waffle maker reviews, here are some of the most appealing benefits and pros of this waffle maker –

  • It is a bit old fashioned and this is one of the amazing advantages because you could have the crispiest, yet soft, traditional waffles anytime you want. All you would be required is the NordicWare Cast aluminum waffle maker, batter, and stovetop for cooking.
  • With the main body of the waffle maker being made of aluminum that helps to heat up the appliance quickly, thus, saving a lot of your time for cooking; the handle is made of plastic though. This prevents the heating of handle, and so, you could get to take full control of the waffle maker while making the waffles.
  • The waffles don’t stick to the surface, and it is very easy to take the waffle out of the waffle maker after it has been cooked. The fact that it has PTFE on the surface prevents the cooked waffles from sticking to the surface.
  • With that being said, this makes the cleaning very much easier. You wouldn’t have to break your head in scratching the remains out of the waffle maker, and it is non-stick and comes off very easily. Both the sides of the waffle maker could be easily removed, and so, cleaning becomes even more simple.
  • The pockets that hold the batter are deep. This makes your waffle thicker and quite crispy.
  • Available at a cheap rate in almost all online shopping platforms. It is also an Amazon choice product and has received great reviews and ratings from the users.


Giving you the perfect NordicWare 15040 Waffle Maker reviews, here are the cons of this product.

  • In the initial stages, when you have just bought the product, the waffles are the best. But, as time goes and you keep using this waffle maker, it is notable that the waffles start getting burnt. This is one of the major complaints, as reported by many users.
  • Although this is made of cast aluminum and considered to be much lightweight than the old-fashioned traditional cast iron waffle maker, there have also been reviews that it is not as durable as the other waffle makers in the market.
  • The PTFE coating over the surface of the waffle maker proves to be that there are chemical substances on the surface, and you may not be able to completely wash this off.
  • The handles are also said to be a bit flimsy to handle, and you would be required to wear mittens as the handle is comparatively small.

So, here is the NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminium Stovetop Belgium Waffle iron review that provides you with everything you need to know about the waffle maker.

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Rome Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews | 2020

Time for some old-fashioned waffles with Rome Industries cast iron waffle maker!!!

There is a never-ending craze among not just foodies, but everyone for waffles. Rumored to be invented before the 14th century, waffles have become one among the most favorite desserts for many people across generations. There have been a lot of outlets that are exclusively developed for serving waffles to customers and such outlets also take pride in serving multiple varieties of waffles. For all the waffle lovers out there, such a place would definitely be hard to resist. But, going a step ahead of this, it would definitely be great if you get to make waffles at your own home for your family and friends with toppings of your own choice. Yes, this is totally possible with the Rome Industries waffle iron.

I would recommend you to read further about my Rome Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews to know the best features, pros, and cons of this amazing waffle iron that has given me the best dessert moments yet.

Features of Rome Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Iron

Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron, Black Features define a product and set a unique standard in comparison with other products in the market. And for products like Rome Old fashioned waffle iron, you would definitely be wanting to know about the feature before making a decision to buy it. So, here are some of the most amazing features.

All I needed was fire:

The fire was all I need to make the waffles. Well, this does not mean that for making waffles only fire is needed. You would be needing the batter to make the waffle. But, since I was new to making waffles at home and have never tried doing it before, I was surprised to know that with this best-cast iron waffle maker by Rome industries, you could get to make waffles without using electricity.

All you needed to do, was to heat both the plates of the cast iron waffle maker and pour the batter.

Followed by, heating the plates could very easily be done with campfires, burner, stove, etc. While most kitchen essentials in the market today come with a condition that required electricity, making waffles just on fire, just like the olden times, was a new and refreshing experience for me.

The cheapest waffle maker in the market:

Take any waffle maker in the market and you would be required to invest a lot in it for long term usage. In terms of purchasing the product and also the expenses involved in maintaining it, there would definitely be a hefty burden on your pockets for any other waffle maker. This cast iron waffle maker comes at the best and one of the cheapest market price of $26.99 on Amazon. This price was very much affordable by me as I was on a low budget and could not afford any waffle makers at high prices. When I found this cast iron waffle maker, the price was totally impressive and is worth every penny spent. Among all the waffle makers in the market, it is a true fact that this is the cheapest one you will get.

No complications on the heating of the waffle maker:

An interesting feature about this cast iron waffle maker is that both the upper and lower plate of the waffle maker is connected using a hinge system. This makes it very comfortable and easy to split both the plates apart. I found it more convenient to remove both the plates for heating the cast iron in the two-burner stove. This way, I got to heat both the plates at the same time, thus reducing the time involved in making waffles. For products like cast iron waffle makers, simple designs are much suited and apt because with complex designing of the product, while heating, it is likely that only one side gets to heat while the other side remains cool and less heated. For even distribution of heat over the cast iron, this Rome old fashioned waffle iron makes the perfect justice in having a simple design.

No worries about cleaning and storage anymore:

With the feature of separating both sides of the cast iron waffle maker, it is very simple and easy to clean it completely. Not only with the cleaning, but this product also comes most handy in terms of storage where only less space is required for its compact size and easy way to dismantle it. So, no more worries and breaking the head in spending time cleaning and finding sufficient storage space in your home for this waffle maker.

Simple design: Rome industries old fashioned waffle iron

Beauty lies in simplicity and with this cast iron waffle maker you would be getting the traditional old-fashioned round sized 6-inch waffles. The inner part of the plate where the batter is poured into is shaped in the form of square checks. Although initially, I found it not as deep as other waffle makers, the waffle made out of this cast iron waffle maker was very soft and crisp while it had the perfect texture and shape. Simple, yet classy.

Easy seasoning process:

With every cast iron waffle maker, there is this process of seasoning it immediately after being bought. This process includes soaking the cast-iron maker in saltwater and boiling it for removing the coating of wax followed by towel drying it and applying oil over the inner sides of the waffle maker and place it in the oven for 15 to 20 mins at 200 degree Celsius. With this simple and compact product, it is easy to do this seasoning process for the effective usage of the product in the future.

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Rome industries 1100 old fashioned waffle cast iron : Pros & Cons

While these are some of the most common and popular features of the Rome Industries waffle iron, the following would be the pros and cons of this cast iron waffle maker.


Here are some points that provide an edge to the best cast iron waffle maker by Roman Industries over other waffle makers in the market –

  • As compared to other waffle makers, this is most compact and small in size that makes it quite easy and simple to use.
  • It is considered to be the cheapest waffle maker in the market and is most suitable for people looking for waffle makers at a budgeted price. Costing just 50 USD, this product makes you feel worth the investment once you get to taste the amazing fluffy on the outside and crisp on the inside waffles.
  • No electricity required and could be comfortably made with burner stoves, campfire, gas cooker, etc. Although, you would be required to do the seasoning process and preheat the waffle maker prior to the making process.
  • With this product, you could have waffles made that takes just one minute. Pour the batter onto the maker, put it on fire for a minute and you have a perfectly shaped waffles.
  • This product is also best rated and reviewed by many users in the market for its simple and smooth usage while making waffles.
  • You would be assured that this is the best non-stick cast iron waffle maker in the market with proper care and maintenance that includes proper cleaning without letting the sugar and waffle bits sit on the waffle maker.
  • The parts of the waffle maker could easily be dismantled, thus making it easy for cleaning and storage.


Although there are a lot of advantages of using this product in making crispy waffles, there are also certain limitations that I would recommend to consider before buying the cast iron waffle maker –

  • Made of cast iron, it is not lightweight and weighs considerably that may come out as a major disadvantage while using this product. Moving around and carrying it around to places would be a difficult task.
  • There is no covering tray or holder around the waffle maker and thus, the extra batter that spills out gets waste by falling into the fire.
  • It is also notable that many of the users find it to be considerably small than other waffle makers. Compact in size, this is not suitable for many who tend to make waffles of larger size and different shapes.
  • It does not have many deep squares that add to the texture of the waffle. This may be looked at as a disadvantage by many users.
  • Scrubbing the was immediately after being purchased is quite a difficult task and has been reported that it took a lot of time for the same. And thus, it is advisable that the users melt the wax by keeping the iron in the oven.

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On that note, these are some of the important things to consider before making the decision to buy based on the Roman Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews above. To keep it short, if what you are looking for is the best waffle maker that is cheap, simple to use and involved process that is quite simple to do, then this would be the right product for you to choose from among the variety of waffle makers available in the market.