Rome Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews | 2020

Time for some old-fashioned waffles with Rome Industries cast iron waffle maker!!!

There is a never-ending craze among not just foodies, but everyone for waffles. Rumored to be invented before the 14th century, waffles have become one among the most favorite desserts for many people across generations. There have been a lot of outlets that are exclusively developed for serving waffles to customers and such outlets also take pride in serving multiple varieties of waffles. For all the waffle lovers out there, such a place would definitely be hard to resist. But, going a step ahead of this, it would definitely be great if you get to make waffles at your own home for your family and friends with toppings of your own choice. Yes, this is totally possible with the Rome Industries waffle iron.

I would recommend you to read further about my Rome Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews to know the best features, pros, and cons of this amazing waffle iron that has given me the best dessert moments yet.

Features of Rome Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Iron

Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron, Black Features define a product and set a unique standard in comparison with other products in the market. And for products like Rome Old fashioned waffle iron, you would definitely be wanting to know about the feature before making a decision to buy it. So, here are some of the most amazing features.

All I needed was fire:

The fire was all I need to make the waffles. Well, this does not mean that for making waffles only fire is needed. You would be needing the batter to make the waffle. But, since I was new to making waffles at home and have never tried doing it before, I was surprised to know that with this best-cast iron waffle maker by Rome industries, you could get to make waffles without using electricity.

All you needed to do, was to heat both the plates of the cast iron waffle maker and pour the batter.

Followed by, heating the plates could very easily be done with campfires, burner, stove, etc. While most kitchen essentials in the market today come with a condition that required electricity, making waffles just on fire, just like the olden times, was a new and refreshing experience for me.

The cheapest waffle maker in the market:

Take any waffle maker in the market and you would be required to invest a lot in it for long term usage. In terms of purchasing the product and also the expenses involved in maintaining it, there would definitely be a hefty burden on your pockets for any other waffle maker. This cast iron waffle maker comes at the best and one of the cheapest market price of $26.99 on Amazon. This price was very much affordable by me as I was on a low budget and could not afford any waffle makers at high prices. When I found this cast iron waffle maker, the price was totally impressive and is worth every penny spent. Among all the waffle makers in the market, it is a true fact that this is the cheapest one you will get.

No complications on the heating of the waffle maker:

An interesting feature about this cast iron waffle maker is that both the upper and lower plate of the waffle maker is connected using a hinge system. This makes it very comfortable and easy to split both the plates apart. I found it more convenient to remove both the plates for heating the cast iron in the two-burner stove. This way, I got to heat both the plates at the same time, thus reducing the time involved in making waffles. For products like cast iron waffle makers, simple designs are much suited and apt because with complex designing of the product, while heating, it is likely that only one side gets to heat while the other side remains cool and less heated. For even distribution of heat over the cast iron, this Rome old fashioned waffle iron makes the perfect justice in having a simple design.

No worries about cleaning and storage anymore:

With the feature of separating both sides of the cast iron waffle maker, it is very simple and easy to clean it completely. Not only with the cleaning, but this product also comes most handy in terms of storage where only less space is required for its compact size and easy way to dismantle it. So, no more worries and breaking the head in spending time cleaning and finding sufficient storage space in your home for this waffle maker.

Simple design: Rome industries old fashioned waffle iron

Beauty lies in simplicity and with this cast iron waffle maker you would be getting the traditional old-fashioned round sized 6-inch waffles. The inner part of the plate where the batter is poured into is shaped in the form of square checks. Although initially, I found it not as deep as other waffle makers, the waffle made out of this cast iron waffle maker was very soft and crisp while it had the perfect texture and shape. Simple, yet classy.

Easy seasoning process:

With every cast iron waffle maker, there is this process of seasoning it immediately after being bought. This process includes soaking the cast-iron maker in saltwater and boiling it for removing the coating of wax followed by towel drying it and applying oil over the inner sides of the waffle maker and place it in the oven for 15 to 20 mins at 200 degree Celsius. With this simple and compact product, it is easy to do this seasoning process for the effective usage of the product in the future.

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Rome industries 1100 old fashioned waffle cast iron : Pros & Cons

While these are some of the most common and popular features of the Rome Industries waffle iron, the following would be the pros and cons of this cast iron waffle maker.


Here are some points that provide an edge to the best cast iron waffle maker by Roman Industries over other waffle makers in the market –

  • As compared to other waffle makers, this is most compact and small in size that makes it quite easy and simple to use.
  • It is considered to be the cheapest waffle maker in the market and is most suitable for people looking for waffle makers at a budgeted price. Costing just 50 USD, this product makes you feel worth the investment once you get to taste the amazing fluffy on the outside and crisp on the inside waffles.
  • No electricity required and could be comfortably made with burner stoves, campfire, gas cooker, etc. Although, you would be required to do the seasoning process and preheat the waffle maker prior to the making process.
  • With this product, you could have waffles made that takes just one minute. Pour the batter onto the maker, put it on fire for a minute and you have a perfectly shaped waffles.
  • This product is also best rated and reviewed by many users in the market for its simple and smooth usage while making waffles.
  • You would be assured that this is the best non-stick cast iron waffle maker in the market with proper care and maintenance that includes proper cleaning without letting the sugar and waffle bits sit on the waffle maker.
  • The parts of the waffle maker could easily be dismantled, thus making it easy for cleaning and storage.


Although there are a lot of advantages of using this product in making crispy waffles, there are also certain limitations that I would recommend to consider before buying the cast iron waffle maker –

  • Made of cast iron, it is not lightweight and weighs considerably that may come out as a major disadvantage while using this product. Moving around and carrying it around to places would be a difficult task.
  • There is no covering tray or holder around the waffle maker and thus, the extra batter that spills out gets waste by falling into the fire.
  • It is also notable that many of the users find it to be considerably small than other waffle makers. Compact in size, this is not suitable for many who tend to make waffles of larger size and different shapes.
  • It does not have many deep squares that add to the texture of the waffle. This may be looked at as a disadvantage by many users.
  • Scrubbing the was immediately after being purchased is quite a difficult task and has been reported that it took a lot of time for the same. And thus, it is advisable that the users melt the wax by keeping the iron in the oven.

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On that note, these are some of the important things to consider before making the decision to buy based on the Roman Industries 1100 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews above. To keep it short, if what you are looking for is the best waffle maker that is cheap, simple to use and involved process that is quite simple to do, then this would be the right product for you to choose from among the variety of waffle makers available in the market.

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