[Review] Texsport Outdoor Cast iron Waffle Maker | 2020

Ever dreamt of having the perfect camping experience? Life can only be complete by having some great adventures and fun outdoor. Be it with family or friends; camping is always fun. Time together with our loved ones is a fantastic memory to look back at however old we may grow. On that note, what’s a camping experience without a campfire? And what is a campfire without you getting to cook some amazing waffles and devour it with your family or friends while laughing at each other on how they eat their waffles? Not just while camping, but at any time when you crave waffles, wouldn’t it be great if you get to make your waffles by setting up a great campfire outside your house and making waffles? Sounds very traditional and worth investing your time into, right? You are at the right place to know about the right product that would get this done for you. I would be giving you the Texsport outdoor cast iron waffle iron maker review from my experience on using it.

About Texsport:

Texsport started the journey of providing the best authentic adventure gears for the customers across the world, in the year 1962. Well known in the market, for providing all the essentials and required items for an excellent outdoor experience, some of the products supplied by this company are – tents, camping tools, air beds, beach/picnic accessories, utility gear bag, cookware and grill equipment and many more. Outdoor recreation is no more a worry with the variety of products provided by Texsport. With that being said, giving you the best Texsport cast iron waffle maker reviews, here are some of the features, pros, and cons about this product. 

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Texsport Cast Iron Waffle Maker Features:

Firstly, some of the features of this brilliant cast iron waffle iron by Texsport, that attracted me in buying the product are here as follows.

Made of cast iron:

As the name of the product suggests, this waffle maker is not just the latest model that you may expect with all the in-built features and technology that gives you the most perfectly shaped and perfectly cooked waffles but more. Designed in a unique way, this appliance for making waffles is made of cast iron. This means that the cooking we would be doing with this waffle maker would be more traditional by keeping the appliance over the fire. I found it quite interesting, as it breaks the stereotype of having to stand in the kitchen and make waffles in the heat. With this cast iron waffle maker, I experienced the making of waffles to be a more family activity where everyone could be involved in the cooking process. 

Most suitable for outdoors:

As mentioned earlier, this waffle maker is most suitable to be kept upon burning fire and waffles, be made more traditionally. Now, this does not mean that this is suitable for being held on stovetop or burners. It is a product based on outdoor cooking, where you would be required to set up a campfire for making the waffles. It felt quite good when I made waffles, for the first time, outside my kitchen with my family. One worst thing, I could not find myself handling is the mess in my kitchen after cooking something for the family. With this cast iron waffle iron maker, I did not worry about that, and the entire family had a good outside under the stars having some amazing waffles.

Grids that are round shaped:

This cast iron waffle maker is made of deep squares that form a circular shape. This means that, with this waffle maker, you get to make round shaped waffles. Yes, I got to make some best traditional waffles, in the most traditional way possible. The grids have squares that are quite deep, and you get to make some fluffy and crispy waffles that are almost ¾ inch thick. 

Non-stick easy maintenance:

The maintenance is very easy and simple as this cast iron waffle iron maker is non-stick. This makes the user more comfortable in using the product as cleaning gets very much easy and durable. The waffles do not stick to the cast iron surface, and you wouldn’t be spending time and energy scrubbing off the extra waffle leftovers stuck to the cast iron. Both the sides of this waffle maker are attached by metal hinges that could be very easily detached. This makes cleaning as well as heating and seasoning of the cast iron waffle iron maker even more simple for the user.

Wooden handle:

One of the best features of this product would be that, although the entire appliance is made of cast iron, you would be surprised to find that the handle to hold the cast iron waffle maker while cooking, is made of wood. This means that you get to hold it more comfortably while cooking without having to fear about getting your hand burnt. The heat does not spread over the wood, and this made my cooking experience much more safe and secure. I need not worry about letting my family members in holding the cast iron waffle maker, as it would cause no harm to them.

Size and weight are the best:

Another important feature that attracted me to buy this product is the size of the waffle maker. It is almost 17 inches big, giving the perfectly shaped, round, big sized waffles. It is also notable that this most sought kitchen appliance weighs around 10 lbs (4 Kg), which makes it very easy to carry around to places that we travel for picnic or camping or any outing. With the size of the cast iron waffle maker being vast, the heating of the cast iron is spread evenly, thereby heating and cooking the batter evenly. You would not have to worry about one part of the waffle being cooked perfectly, and the other part is less cooked with this waffle maker.

So, in this Texsport outdoor cast iron waffle iron maker review, these are some of the most amazing features that make this product worth buying.

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Texsport Waffle Iron Pros:

Giving a competitive advantage over other products in the market, some of the best pros of this product based on the Texsport iron waffle maker customer reviews, are as follows – 

  • This product is best known it the market for its size. With the dimensions of 16.75” in length, 10.5” in breadth, and 2.5” in height, you get to make some amazing crispy waffles with this product.
  • With the cast iron waffle maker being of considerably large space, you would not have to worry about the batter spilling out into the fire, ruining your cooking experience. 
  • Most suitable for outdoor, you need not worry about satisfying the food concerns of your family during any outdoor activity. It is great to bond together with the family overcooking, which is possible with this cast iron waffle maker.
  • One another amazing advantage with this product that flipping gets easy, and the waffle you cook in this waffle maker stays heated and warm inside the appliance. The cast iron stays heated for a long time keeping your waffle warm and heated without losing its consistency and crispiness.
  • You get to make four semi-circular sized waffles with this brilliant cast iron waffle iron by Texsport, at the same time. Very quick and taking just a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes, this cast iron waffle maker helps you speed up the process of cooking.

Texsport Outdoor Cast iron Waffle Cons

Some of the common disadvantages of this product based on the Texsport iron waffle maker customer reviews are – 

  • The handle of this waffle maker has been reported to come loose within the first few times of cooking. This has been the major complaint of this product as reported by many customers.
  • Another common complaint by users is that the hinge that connects both the parts of the waffle maker is at its worst and does not fit properly. From my experience, I found that the major problem with the product lies with the hinge, where it looked like bad casting had been done, and the parts of the waffle maker do not stay together while cooking, thus affecting the cooking a lot.
  • Flipping the waffles is also another major concern with the users. They would have to manually flip it from the base, and it does not rotate easily, which should have been easy.
  • As compared to the positive reviews and ratings, this product receives more negative ratings from the users in Amazon.

So, in this Texsport cast iron waffle maker reviews, this is all about the features, pros, and cons that may help you in making a decision on whether to buy the product or not. Although the waffle maker has a lot of cons that may impact your decision, I would personally recommend this product if what you are looking for, is to have a perfect outdoor experience with your family where you would be able to involve everyone in the traditional cooking style.

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